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About Land n

Marlene Bramley - Publisher Marlene Bramley - Publisher
People, and the stories they tell, have always fascinated me.  If you open your ears wherever you go, on the bus, in a queue waiting to pay for your groceries, at a braai or just having a coffee at work, you will hear the most amazing stories buried beneath the complaints about the tyranny of things.  Why then, I wondered to myself, does nobody ever listen or record or even tell these stories consciously.  And even more worrying why does nobody ever write about them or publish them?

That’s where LandnSand has its origin.  In stories, in looking at other people’s lives through the lens of their experience.  The stories you read in this collection of voices are penned by people from all walks of life.  People who are passionate about the world, it’s wonders and what lurks underneath the surface of the obvious.  

Each contributor brings something special to our launch edition, and will continue to find interesting people, places, subjects and points of view in months to come.  If there is anything you’d like to read about or an interesting story you’d like to share, please contact us or send us your photographs.

Marlene Bramley 
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