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It’s difficult not to complete a list like this without it sounding like a tourist brochure. I’m sure everyone will talk about the view of Table Mountain from Sir Lowry’s pass on the N2 highway or the sense of awe you feel when faced with the Cederberg mountainside of psychedelic flowers in the spring. And who could fail to mention the copious opportunities for filling your veins with some of the best wine in the world. There are vineyards in almost everyone’s back yard.

It’s also a challenge not to think like a tourist. After all, you instinctively want to focus on the positive and the positive features of a geographical area are usually viewed from a tourist perspective. The Western Cape has more than its fair share of stunning geographical features – enough to fill a month’s worth of tourist days and more.


Silence is a fence around wisdom.  ~German Proverb

The silent man is the best to listen to.  ~Japanese Proverb

Silence is medication for sorrow.  ~Arab Proverb

To silence another, first be silent yourself.  ~Latin Proverb

Silence was never written down.  ~Italian Proverb


Silence with an exclamation is not good;

If you haven't read any of Richard's books yet, do yourself a favour and order them all immediately. You should also follow him on Twitter and Facebook, because he's an author who actually interacts and shares cool stuff - not someone you constantly feel is trying to sell you something. His books have made me laugh, cry and gasp. And his last book cover was designed by Joey HiFi. His mother has been known to dress to match that very same book cover and his wife came up with the acro-word WTFantastic. The man has enough cool points to buy Alaska. Here are his ten favourite corners in and around Cape Town.

Words have a profound effect on our emotions - it can make us laugh, anger us and it can make us cry. Most of all it reflects our thoughts and creates our reality. It is a very powerful tool in our daily lives. That is why we must become aware of the way we describe our experiences as well as our vocabulary in general.

“Gracious words are like honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.”

 The way we live our lives are born from the words we speak.

 African Image

Harry Sitole has great taste. He also has a smile that makes it hard not to grin back. As the owner of African Image (just around the corner from Greenmarket Square on the corner of Church and Burg Streets in central Cape Town), he chooses every delightful piece in the shop himself.

African Image is no run-of-the-mill curio shop aiming at sunburnt tourists. It’s a treasure trove of funky new stuff, bright cloths, beautiful old artefacts, and more. From quirky to whimsical to plain-old beautiful, the place is heavenly. If I have to buy a present, be it birthday, wedding, new house or new baby, this is where I go.

And I have to admit to never leaving without a little something for me too.

21 Things to do in Knysna

February 28, 2014 By:

There's no shortage of things to do, see and experience in and around Knysna.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the episode of British series The World's Strictest Parents where the team of Brit brats visited South Africa's very own Western Cape. Out of control teens get a look at some old school parenting, courtesy of a lesbian couple on a farm in Plettenberg Bay.

The kids (including Hamzah, from a very traditional Muslim family) have no idea. 





If you have 47 minutes to spare, here's a (German made, but English narrated) documentary for you.



Yep... The boring soya bean is controversial! It's been a topic of much debate from all angles for a few years now. At first touted as the ultimate protein source offering a nutritional protein yield twice that of animal derivatives, low in saturated animal fat, no cholesterol. A dream come true for health nuts and vegans/vegetarians alike.

I’ve begun a new photographic project inspired by the reaction to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. In my piece about Hoffman’s death, I react to society’s hypocrisy surrounding addiction, mental illness* and vulnerability of any sort.

In Recovery: The Face of Addiction/Mental Illness #AgainstStigma is a call to take the anonymous out of addiction and mental illness. I’d like to begin a movement, centring around a photographic project, where we ‘come out’ as addicts and those living with mental illness.

Why? Because those in active addiction and active mental illness need to have a blueprint of what it looks like to be ‘allowed’ back into society, of what it looks like to live day by day with these diseases. Because being in recovery is one of the bravest things anyone can ever do, and this needs to be celebrated rather than stigmatised. And perhaps this will prevent the completely unnecessary deaths of those whom we know and love who feel that they are alone in their addiction and depression.

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