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Tiger's Tale

October 22, 2013 By:

Tiger is an Africanis/Greyhound flavoured dog, rescued by the Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society around a year ago, after he’d been tied up for far too long and mauled by a Boerbul and who knows what else. The scars all over his body show a life history of battling to survive. He stayed at KAWS so long, that the affectionate staff referred to him as furniture. Astoundingly, Tiger remained good-natured throughout and was used there, to test new male arrivals with. He’s the mellowest dog you’re ever likely to meet.

He’s a big dog, with the kind of musculature Greyhounds have and amazing power in those four long legs of his too. His eyes are set in a way that, if he were human, we might call Asian. He is a striking chap, with gracious manners to suit. And did I mention how laid back he is? This is a dog who, when my own ebullient teenager of a puppy, Solo, plays and thumps a paw down on his head, merely lowers it a bit and chooses either to play, or to ignore her completely, as if he were rolling those pretty eyes and sighing, “Kids!”

I got to meet him, because a friend of mine saw him on one of Nicolene C. Swanepoel’s Facebook pages (which is sponsored by LandnSand), Tripledoubleyou Zoo. Without even reading the description, she applied to adopt him and, thanks to the co-operation of animal welfare societies in the Western and Eastern Cape, and one of the two free flights given monthly by SAA, plus a three hour lift in a car from PE, Tiger soon had a new home. Kudos to Helene from KAWS for arranging it. Young Solo now ignores the other dogs on the property completely when she visits; she only has eyes for the tall, handsome Tiger. Tiger himself shows his greyhound tendencies, in that joyously free and powerful need to run and run and run that happens once or twice a day. The rest of the time, he chills right out, checks the horses respectfully and watches the chickens like a television.

A beautiful tale with a beautiful tail (end), but it underlines the issues we aren’t addressing as a society. Right there on your doorstep, are choices. Don’t buy dogs, don’t even breed them; rescue them. And where dogs are suffering, we should often be looking hard at the human suffering behind it. Needless cruelty exists, yes, but poverty and poor living conditions are cruel too. Do what you can for those around you, regardless of their leg count.

(Catch up with Tiger and Solo's antics and share photos of your animals friends on Tripledoubleyou Zoo too.)


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