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5 Funny Photos of Cape Town

February 11, 2014 By:

It's not news that Cape Town is one stunningly photogenic supermodel of a city - so here are some fun, funky and alternative images of the Mother City, to break the tedium of photographs of paradise.

April 2012, Image courtesy of News24, this great big beagle balloon flew for the Pedigree Adoption Drive, which aims to increase the adoption of abandoned dogs around the world.

Here's a funny road sign that says it all where Cape Town is concerned - and even rhymes. Relax, kick back ... slow down, it's Cape Town!

... and that's why it's sometimes called Slaapstad.

Then there's the wind. The South Easter, the Cape Doctor - a wind that must be referred to in title case. a Seapoint tree will now demonstrate this ...

No collection of Cape Town cool would be complete without a photo of Gregory Da Silva - the Eggman.

Last (and frankly also, least) here is a photo taken by a nutter. YOU CAN READ THE ANALYSIS ALL IN CAP LOCKS BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL SERIOUS AND STUFF and even watch a video here.


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