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15 Things To Do In Napier

February 17, 2014 By:

Distance from Cape Town - 170 kms

Napier, in the Western Cape's Overberg region, was established in 1838, when Michiel van Breda and his neighbour, Pieter Voltelyn van der Byl could not agree where the church of the community should be. Resulting in two separate churches, and two separate towns, Bredasdorp and Napier were established. There's plenty to do and see, here's a list to whet your appetite for this charming little town.


  1. Bird watching (look out for blue crane).
  2. Cycling
  3. Dragon Fly Farm
  4. Hiking trails in the Soetmuisberg.
  5. Horse riding
  6. Linda Reyburn - Local artist exhibiting her own art which she also exhibits at Vindigo and Riek Creation, c/o Silliers and Hoog Streets
  7. Napier Brewery visits by appointment only, Tel: 028 423 3599
  8. Nobunto Candles - Visits arranged by appointment only, Tel: 028 423 3172
  9. Riek Creation Art StudioInteresting collection of art, pottery and sculptures by local artists
  10. The annual Napier Patat Festival (Sweet Potato Festival) usually held in June.
  11. Napier's Dutch Reformed Church has rather unusual architecture and a teak interior
  12. The Feeshuis was restored in 1988 to celebrate the town's 150th anniversary, it was first used as slave quarters and then as a wine cellar. 
  13. The Kakebeenwa monument commemorating the Ossewa Trek.
  14.  "The toughest race, with the warmest heart" - The Caltex Voet Van Afrika Marathon (commonly known as The Voet) is held in October.
  15. Napier Farmstall.
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LandnSand Rover was a Stellenbosch street cat, before he joined the team as an intern roving reporter. Some say that he can be seen late at night, prowling along Dorp Street to the town centre, in search of hot leads (or a bar that won't inspect his ID card too closely). His interests include fishing, wine and mice and his main ambition is to grow old enough to attend wine tastings. He answers all his own fan mail.

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