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Are you really a woman? 100%

Prove it. “A true woman gets back up and fights for what she wants over and over again” - I read that once and it resonated with me … I try to do the same thing. Getting up is not always easy, but the strength and intuition that we as women have been blessed with makes it far easier. I try to live my life with character, effort, integrity, sincerity and self control, the last gets challenged on a daily basis. We are able to grow life within us and have the ability, responsibility and priveledge to mould and nurture future generations.


Sally is a feminist, working in the non-profit sector on sex work and focusing on law reform, rights and access to health.

Are you really a woman? Okay.

Prove it. Only if you buy me a drink first (to quote my husband).

What are your thoughts on Women's Day in South Africa? Few thoughts, lots of feelings (as in Helen “fuck-women’s-day” Moffett feelings).

Interview: Zanri Marais

August 22, 2013 By:

Are you a woman? Biologically, yes. Emotionally, no. Physically, yes. Mentally, yes. Psychologically, not sure.

Prove it. I have a uterus and ovaries and a vagina and stuff, biologically I am a woman. I am not strong enough emotionally to be a woman. Physically, I have a set of great big boobs thanks to my mother, so I am a woman. Mentally, I stand up for women's rights so I definitely know I am proud to be a woman. Psychologically, I am not 100% sure what psychologically entails so psychologically I am not sure.

Leave it to an upper middle class white guy to presume to tell the story, his version of the story, of women in America. That's nearly as presumptuous as the men who would make laws determining what a woman can and cannot do with her own body in terms of reproduction and sexuality.

Still, as someone who writes about issues like equality for women and minorities and about social justice, and having grown up in the middle of the feminist movement in the USA, I have felt an obligation to lend my voice to ensuring that women are equal citizens in our society and play a role in how our country is run.

I Hate Stupidity

August 16, 2013 By:

This is a pretty substantial thing to hate. Just about everyone you'd meet out there, in the world, you know, is irredeemably and irrevocably stupid. Thick, daft, dumb, idiotic, soft in the head, dim, half-witted, cretinous, obtuse, moronic, hare-brained, retarded, asinine, slow, dull, doltish. And if you think I'm excluding myself here, or making some shrewd allusion on where I hope to fit on some bell curve, you're making a mistake.

Karen is the artist behind Fortune Faeries - already well known in South Africa, she now has a shop in Stroud, in England.

Are you really a woman? YES

Prove it. Go to the Amazonian Jungles and you'll see many of us there.

What are your thoughts on Women's Day in South Africa? Didn't know there was one … mmm, I would think every day is women's day, also man's day also children's day also animals' day. What about plant day? Mineral kingdom day? I do know theres a Tree Day/Arbour day, now that's good! However, there are sooooo many public holidays now, how does anyone ever get to work?

Interview: Lizelle Wentzel

August 14, 2013 By:

Lizelle Wentzel, of the Cape Brewing Company, was kind enough to answer our questions too.

Are you really a woman? In this lifetime, yes.

Prove it. Can’t live without my vanitycase!

What are your thoughts on Women's Day in South Africa? I wish I could do more to help people.


Interview: Germaine de Larch

August 14, 2013 By:

Writer, artist using photography as a medium and 'Gender Artivist' - Germaine de Larch gives us a different perspective.

Are you really a woman? That seemingly simple question is not so simple for me. I'm a gender activist and artist and my work focuses on documenting how I play with the notion of gender and gender identity. For me, gender - 'male'/'female' - do not exist outside of the way we construct it in society. Am I female-bodied? Do I have breasts and a vagina? Yes. Am I a woman? No. I do not identify as 'a woman'. Or 'a man', for that matter. I see myself as genderless and I identify as genderqueer. 

Prove it. I am who I am, and identifying as genderless is the most comfortable way for me to be myself, authentically. I don't need to prove it beyond that.

The Scary Smartphone Video

August 14, 2013 By:

This video has been doing the rounds heavily around South African communities on social networks this morning - and it's from November 2010. That doesn't make it irrelevant at all, but it does highlight the fact that people are still too lax about online security. 

Watch this, then read further ...

Interview: Ang Lloyd

August 13, 2013 By:

Are you really a woman? This is a complex question and difficult to answer. I believe in a combination of nature vs nurture (not just one or the other, but even then, there are no hard and fast rules). Biologically speaking, yes, I am female. And I identify as female (and I have no problem with people recognising me as such). Despite this, I have some issues with the word 'woman': I feel it's very loaded, comes with connotations of  'wife and mother' - which I cannot relate to. I menstruate, but I abhor the thought of having children - that's not very 'womanly'? But, privately, and sexually, I'm a lot more fluid: I see myself as both female and male in that sense.

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