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Cape Town Festival of Beer, the largest festival of beer in the Southern Hemisphere, is around the corner again! The Festival is set for the 22rd, 23th and 24th of November at Hamilton’s Rugby Club in Green Point, Cape Town (next to the V & A Waterfront). This year’s event is bringing even more beer to the table than ever before. Cape Town Festival of Beer is a celebration of brewing heritage and craft both locally and from around the world.

Craft Beer 101

June 17, 2019
When I was asked to do some blogs on craft beer, I thought very carefully. First, I contemplated the fact that I’m a woman, and in South Africa, that makes me a beer-drinking minority. Then my (ever-so-serious) thoughts turned to the fact that, while I’m a long-time fan of beer – or as long as my youthful age allows me, ahem – I’m not all that au fait with the ins-and-outs of the actual craft beer process. I am most definitely not a beer connoisseur. From there they flew to the fact that I’m not a hipster, and craft beer…
The Brewery is situated in the bustling business district of Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. It recently underwent a massive upgrade with its capacity doubled. This means more of the golden nectar flows from its tanks on a daily basis.We no longer do brewery tours and have replaced it with a purpose built Tasting Room situated in the Cape Quarter. Plenty of good beer available, expertly served from 10 taps. We recently commissioned a 7.2KW solar pilot project. The system consists of 24 locally manufactured 300W Solair solar panels and produces 14500 KW/Hours of electricity per year, roughly 10% of our energy…
I'm limping along the N2 after a pothole and a quick tyre change on Polkadraai Road. I’m going to a media launch – Beerhouse on Long is opening and they're not pulling any punches. I'm late. By the time traffic begins to thin, I'm in the city. The angels smile on me; an actual parking spot on Long Street! Bit of a squeeze, but there it is – right across the road from the right place, no. 223. At the door, I get a little black stamp on my wrist, an unused beer bottle cap and a promise of a…
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