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Bettina Horvath, who is a marketing consultant, an entrepeneur, a mother, a theatre lover and much more, who lives in Somerset West, tells us about leaving Austria for South Africa. Oh I can write an entire book about what this picture symbolises! It was shot on the 4th of August 1997, at Vienna Airport. I was about to board a plane to Cape Town, never to return (except for visits). Talk about a milestone! It has truly been the most important turning point of my life. From then on, everything changed. So much so, that today, 16 years later, I…
If you're already one of our readers, or follow us on any of our social networks, Zunia Boucher-Myers will be familiar to you. She is, of course, a LandnSand writer. She lists her hobbies as co-owner and chef of the Avontuur Estate Restaurant, photographer and a long list of other things you will find out as you read. I decided to ask her a few rather irreverent questions (and some serious ones), so I did a Q&A session with her. With her tongue firmly in cheek and her eye on the proverbial ball, I give you ... Zunia. Please send…
A call to all our friendly helpful members :) One really easy way to meet everyone and learn how it all works in this magical place is to work every now and then Front of House, selling sweets and coffees, serving in the bar or ushering.
It's Women's Day in South Africa on the 9th of August 2013 and LandnSand has decided to declare it women's month, celebrating all women. What better way to start, than with one of the heroes this day is named for. Lilian Masideba Ngoyi was one of the leaders of that monumentally important women's march back in 1956; she was also the first woman to ever be elected to the ANC's executive committee, when the acronym still stood for freedom and decency. She only joined in 1952 (she was born in 1911) and by that stage, she was a seamstress and…
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