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Dear, Deer Park

June 17, 2019
Apologies, I went a little AWOL there. Happy new year and all that. It’s not that I wasn’t drinking beer – that’d just be ridiculous – it’s just that I was busy talking about treasure, dinosaurs, the pros and cons of eye patches (pirate-style) and the origin of man. As one does. You see, I have been entertaining small boys and beer is not (yet) at the top of their to-do list. It did, however, get me thinking about the hipsters I’m forever referring to (but have yet to encounter in as large numbers as I expected, when I agreed…
"An ideal, safe and scenic environment for all cultures to celebrate the art of making and drinking beer and wine all paired with food at a festival where the general public can freely interact and share traditional brewing methods, complimenting food, products and entertainment." A wide range of local, national and international craft beers; a smorgasbord of foodie trucks to keep the tummy happy; a couple of bands to keep your bootie wiggling and even some eye candy in the form of roaring bikes and cars with the SA Hot-Rods … Who could ask for more? Win a pair of…
All words and images by Anton van den Eijkel. This must have been a notebook, filled with study notes, done over a period of time, destroyed in seconds, but still a message available.
The Overberg’s Elgin Valley is fast becoming known for good artisanal ciders. Windermere Cider has been slumbering since 1994 on a local apple farm, but has recently been resurrected by master cider maker Andre le Roux. Tamsin Mullins is assisting in the process and I was recently given a sneak preview during a delightful farmhouse brunch.
Die reuk van vars verf stuur my op n heimweesreis na my kinderjare. Die huis kry n splinternuwe baadjie net voor Lente, net voor Kersfees en net voor die Pase. Elke keer is die net voor die geboorte van 'n nuwe begin, 'n nuwe seisoen. Jy weet dis net betyds voor die daisies die wereld in 'n kleurvolle tapesterie verander, die huis word behoorlik skoongemaak, die winter spinnerakke afgestof, die meubels met rooi olie iingvryf, die koper word gebrasso, die kant gordyne afgehaal, gewas en in stysel geweek, die vloere word met beesvet en lavental gepoets. Die huis is in…
Ek onthou die dae toe briewe nog goudwerd was, skoenbokse vol briewe, verjaarsdag kaartjies, troukaartjies, fliek kaartjies, plakkertjies, gegeurde koeverte, 'n boekie seels, ons almal het 'n hele paar van hiedie kosbare Pandora se boksies gehad, briewe oor en oor gelees ... gelag of gehuil aanie herinneringe van daai spesifieke oomblik, briewe in lint omgedraai, geseel met n soen of drukkies en soentjies. Ek dink aan al my briefies van God, sommiges kon ek optel en hou, ander in my geheue gebere, soos platgedrukte roosblare in 'n bybel of 'n woordeboek. Daar was die hartjiesklip padlangs een more, om my…
To hope to compare the Blue Rock Oktoberfest with the Hofbräuhaus tent in München is to engage in very unrealistic assumptions and expectations. Dragging a German friend along to act as litmus for the event was perhaps just as misplaced an idea. Our initial impressions were not eased by a rather long queue at the gate and a particularly mournful and grey morning, nor by the fact that we'd had other engagements later in the day and couldn't stay long enough to see how the party developed. This Oktoberfest was a particularly ambitious event, marrying a craft beer expo with…
Twee gereelde besoekers in my tuintjie in Somerset Ridge!
Werner Rossle het hiedie beeldskoon fotos van Strand se strand geneem - 5 jarige Emil is die model.
Just when you thought it was safe to break out the shorts and admire the spring blossoms ... winter decided to turn its icy breath and blast our mountains with yet more snow. Things went as far as snowball fights on top of Table Mountain!
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