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Because it takes great beer to create great wine. All-grain and Partial Extract courses offered on alternate Saturdays, from 09h30. Team events catered for too, with parties of up to 15.  R200 per person gets you brunch, beer, a hands-on course, a take home cheatsheet and two bottles of beer. R900 gets you the course, plus a kit and ingredients for your first brew. We also have an online supply store for all your homebrewing needs. We stock: Malt Hops Yeast Kits Equipment Deliveries can be arranged.
Kelly, who is brewer Mark Goldsworthy's wife, tells us about the exciting new craft beer kid on the block. At this stage we're based in Gordon’s Bay. We have signed a lease in a little industrial park just outside Gordon’s Bay, where our neighbours are a combination of garagiste wine maker, artist and gourmet food importer!  The “brewmaster” is my husband Mark Goldsworthy who has a background in winemaking and viticulture, and the appropriate qualification from Elsenburg College. He has worked for some of the leading wine farms in the region – Kanonkop, Backsberg (both as more of a trainee/assistant…
Daar is 'n storm voorspel die dag toe ek oor die berg ry Grabouw toe.  Ek sien die donker wolke oppak oor die see en wonder hoe laat dit ons gaan tref.  Die sms wat my beduie waar ek keramiek kunstenaar Nikki Swanepoel ontmoet, is baie duidelik maar ek moet tog n paar keer omdraai oppad na haar skuur toe.  Dis bo teen die berg, tussen klippe en plante met die berge wat rondom rys.  Die bordjie teen die hek sê: “Geen toegang sonder ‘n afspraak nie,” en ek wonder wat aan die anderkant van die toe deur lê.
Bettina Horvath, who is a marketing consultant, an entrepeneur, a mother, a theatre lover and much more, who lives in Somerset West, tells us about leaving Austria for South Africa. Oh I can write an entire book about what this picture symbolises! It was shot on the 4th of August 1997, at Vienna Airport. I was about to board a plane to Cape Town, never to return (except for visits). Talk about a milestone! It has truly been the most important turning point of my life. From then on, everything changed. So much so, that today, 16 years later, I…
A call to all our friendly helpful members :) One really easy way to meet everyone and learn how it all works in this magical place is to work every now and then Front of House, selling sweets and coffees, serving in the bar or ushering.
Our intrepid writer and imbiber of ale, Jacques van Zyl, writes a regular (and very witty) column for the magazine. This is a guide to the breweries and home brew suppliers in the region, which boasts the southern hemisphere's first craft brewery (Birkenhead), the southernmost brewery in Africa (Napier and Struisbaai both lay claim to this one) and the one with the widest range of beers (Honingklip). Of course, no craft beer guide would be complete without mentioning the Western Cape's own South Yeasters Home Brewers Club. Based in Cape Town, it nonetheless has many enthusiastic members all over the…
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