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Saggy Stone Brewing Company

Nuy Valley

Modern steam beer, also known as California common beer  is a craft-brewed lager. Explanations of the word "steam" are all speculative. The carbon dioxide pressure produced by the process was very high, and one possibility is that it was necessary to let off "steam" before attempting to dispense the beer. It is also possible that the name derives from "Dampfbier" (literally "steam beer"), a traditional German ale that was also fermented at unusually high temperatures.


This is a very old recipe from California and the days before refrigeration when the  beer was made in wooden kegs and stored underground to keep cool.  The yeast was of a virulent type and as the beer kegs were rolled underground, the steam would billow from between the slates.

This is a working mans beer – has a strong alcohol percentage, slightly hopsy with a bitter after-taste.


This is purely our own recipe – designed to suit our own palate as beer drinkers of old! It is a soft, easy drinking, slightly sweeter taste than the Steam. Ladies have been known to quaff a few!


In production we have a Dark Irish Ale – hopefully ready for winter. This should be an exciting change of taste. It will be a creamy, dark, crisp, bitter ale.

Additional Info

  • Address: Amandalia Farm, off Route 60
  • Town: Nuy Valley
  • Region: Western Cape
  • Telephone: 083 4533526
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Trading hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays11h00 to 16h00
  • Brewmaster: Adrian Robinson
  • Beers: California Steam, Stone Draught, Dark Irish Ale
  • Other info: pub, restaurant.