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Gallows Hill Brewing Co

Cape Town

Gallows Hill Brewing Co. aims to produce small batch, full-bodied, hop filled, more flavourful, all natural & interesting beer of exceptional quality to discerning palettes.

Beer used to be unique and positive part of communities. Unfortunately this disappeared thanks to the marketing & volume driven approach adopted by some of the mega-brewers.

Gallows Hill Brewing Co. beers are all virtually handmade from an all-malt mash in our handcrafted brewhouse - an example of the simple, traditional brewing methods of old.

Additional Info

  • Address: ?
  • Town: Cape Town
  • Region: Western Cape
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Beers: INDIA PALE ALE This deep golden to amber coloured beer has a medium body; fruity & malty middle flavour; and a hoppy finish. Ample additions of local and imported hops results in a characteristic hoppy ale. Our India Pale Ales are available in limited production unique batches. Please check the bottle to determine the details of the beer you have in hand. OLD STEAMER - CALIFORNIA COMMON The beer has a rich malt character, caramel colour and a dry finish with firm hop bittering for balance. Our Old Steamer is a thirst quenching beer, reminiscent of the beers enjoyed by miners & workers on the Californian gold fields. BLACK ALE - CASCADIAN DARK ALE This deep brown beer has a rich character with caramel & mild coffee notes. The aroma is a distinct combination of citrus & resinous pine thanks to the Cascadian hop varieties. SMALL BEER This is our after mowing the lawn beer… Light & crisp in character, pale colour and a dry finish with moderate to firm hop bittering for balance.