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After the Kay's Caravan Park Fire - a Photo Essay

December 19, 2013 By: Anton van Den Eijkel
After the Kay's Caravan Park Fire - a Photo Essay Words & Images Anton van den Eijkel

All words and images by Anton van den Eijkel.

This must have been a notebook, filled with study notes, done over a period of time, destroyed in seconds, but still a message available.

This was the ONLY thing of colour among the wreckage of one "home".


This gentleman lost it all. He has a wife, and five kids. all they could save was his one daughters' bicycle, and YET, the next day, he and his wife were smiling, but the sadness was still in their eyes.

This is the face of his wife.

Someone made an effort to plant something, even in poverty people try; all gone.

The man of this house works at a local building supply company, and is EXTREMELY house proud. His wife is the receptionist at the Gym my daughter goes to. When I asked him about the smoke stench in his house, and the shady trees now gone, he said "Ten minste staan my huis nog" sweet hey?

Yesterday they cleaned their house with a broom, today? Today they clean it with a Back hacker.

Epitome of ironic?

Little boy, in front of the residue of his home, and the burnt remains of his golf clubs.




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