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February 12, 2014 By:

If you are driving past Spier on the R310 and something big and bright draws your attention, it will be one of three new art installations created by leading South African artists and sponsored by the Spier Architectural Arts.

The big red steel sculpture, titled Vortex is by Richard Forbes and despite its size and weight seems to still be moving – a cross between a farming implement and a mechanised tolbos.

Gordon’s Froud’s huge neon-orange work is made up of traffic cones and looks like a shooting star that landed on the far side of the dam. 

The third work is by Willem Boshoff. It consists of three square shaped rocks of Belfast Black and Transkei Black granite and is called Prehistoric Dice (As A Homage to Change).  

For more information visit:

Words: Erika Kruger

Images: Martin Van Niekerk

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