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Professor Perold's Pinotage

July 25, 2013 By:

Abraham Izak Perold, the first Professor of Viticulture at Stellenbosch University, bred a bled that was first known as Perold's Hermitage x Pinot, which later became renowned as the truly South African (truly Helderberg!) Pinotage. People tend to have quite extreme opinions of it - especially so when it begins to be marketed in chocolate and coffee varities (a nod to Diemersfontein here). Well, it's only been around since 1925 after all. From a mere four seedlings in his back garden at Welgevallen, abandoned when the prof moved to Paarl and rescued at Elsenburg, Pinotage DNA shows that it is a mix of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. Perold's legacy lasted, no matter what anyone thinks of it and the first ever bottle of it was produced by another local, Lanzerac.

Prof Perold made an appearance in our postbox, courtesy of KWV, who have a range of wines to honour him. Perold Insignis and Perold Tributum are the names of the latest two and, at a pricetag of around R750, you might be forgiven for guessing they're aimed at the export market and the elite.

Diemersfontein host the 2013 Pinotage on Tap Festival in four locations nationwide, it's been called "the best party in the winelands calendar' - we shall see!

(Sadly, LandnSand Rover is too young to attend wine tastings.)

LandnSand Rover

LandnSand Rover was a Stellenbosch street cat, before he joined the team as an intern roving reporter. Some say that he can be seen late at night, prowling along Dorp Street to the town centre, in search of hot leads (or a bar that won't inspect his ID card too closely). His interests include fishing, wine and mice and his main ambition is to grow old enough to attend wine tastings. He answers all his own fan mail.

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