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Playhouse Theatre Somerset West Needs Volunteers

August 5, 2013 By:

A call to all our friendly helpful members :)

One really easy way to meet everyone and learn how it all works in this magical place is to work every now and then Front of House, selling sweets and coffees, serving in the bar or ushering.

Bettina Horvath has kindly volunteered to take over this portfolio actively on the committee again and is looking for more volunteers. There are so many shows happening, we truly need lots of help! Please contact her via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get on her list. She'll gladly take you under her wings and introduce you to everyone.

At that point a truly heart felt thank you to all those who already are on the list and helping out. We often have full houses and need all the extra help we can get.

And then who knows... before you know it you'll get cast in a role on stage - if you so wish!  
(Although that never has to happen, there are so many other skills we need to put shows together, acting is but one of many!)
Find the Roster here: CLICK ME

LandnSand Rover

LandnSand Rover was a Stellenbosch street cat, before he joined the team as an intern roving reporter. Some say that he can be seen late at night, prowling along Dorp Street to the town centre, in search of hot leads (or a bar that won't inspect his ID card too closely). His interests include fishing, wine and mice and his main ambition is to grow old enough to attend wine tastings. He answers all his own fan mail.

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